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The Synonym of - innkeeper (noun)

Word Example of - innkeeper

    Example Sentences for innkeeper

    After he had killed the innkeeper, he did not return to town.

    Eh, but I wasn't meant for an innkeeper—I was meant for a fighter.

    “I understand,” said Ulenspiegel, rising at the same time from the floor and kicking out at the innkeeper.

    But I think, sir, that the innkeeper solicits your attention.

    But the innkeeper was a good-hearted man, and he was sorry for the poor blockhead.

    "Things are going smoothly there, I hope," said the innkeeper, with a wink.

    This place, after all, might be infested with spies; the innkeeper might be in Chauvelin's pay.

    This is only natural, seeing that even an innkeeper is human.

    I remember him holding a great conversation in Irish and English with an innkeeper's wife in a Mayo inn.

    "That is as your honour pleases," the innkeeper said humbly.

Word Origin & History of - innkeeper

    Word Origin & History of innkeeper

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