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Word Example of - innuendo

    Example Sentences for innuendo

    He might degrade Marcolina by mockery and lascivious phrases, full of innuendo.

    He meant to be offensive, since the innuendo was unmistakable.

    Schiaparelli has been called an impostor, and Lowell has come in for his full share of vituperation and innuendo.

    Then without waiting for a reply to this innuendo he turned his attention to Hardy.

    Innuendo he had always found more effective than direct statement.

    The innuendo that he might be unfaithful had gone through her heart like a knife.

    I treated his innuendo with contempt; but at last I had to let the cigar-end go.

    Either he pretended not to have heard the girl's innuendo or it failed to get under his skin.

    His intimate smile, the meaning flicker of his eyes toward Quard, exposed the innuendo.

    "And you're not married yet," continued Mrs. Tucker, oblivious of the innuendo.

Word Origin & History of - innuendo

    Word Origin & History

    innuendo 1678, "oblique hint, indiscreet suggestion," usually a depreciatory one, from L. innuendo "by meaning, pointing to," lit. "giving a nod to," abl. of ger. of innuere "to mean, signify," lit. "to nod to," from in- "at" + nuere "to nod." Originally a legal phrase (1564) from M.L., with the sense of "to wit." It often introduced the derogatory meaning alleged in libel cases, which influenced its broader meaning.

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