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The Synonym of - inoculate (verb)

Word Example of - inoculate

    Example Sentences for inoculate

    When cold, inoculate with a culture of Penicillium brevicaule, and keep at a temperature of 37° C.

    Can we not inoculate them with smallpox, or set bloodhounds to track them?

    The father in vain attempted to inoculate him with a love of labor; but Phelim would not receive the infection.

    But it was decided to divide them into two equal groups, and inoculate one group.

    Employ one portion of the final deposit to inoculate guinea pigs.

    Formerly it was the custom to inoculate with small-pox to preserve from small-pox.

    Another method is to inoculate the seed before sowing with artificial cultures of the bacteria.

    By vaccinating a person we inoculate him with vaccinia or cowpox.

    But the case is entirely different when we inoculate our turnip infusion with the desiccated germinal matter afloat in the air.

    Harley vainly endeavored to inoculate the disease in animals.

Word Origin & History of - inoculate

    Word Origin & History

    inoculate early 15c., "implant a bud into a plant," from L. inoculatus, pp. of inoculare "graft in, implant," from in- "in" + oculus "bud," originally "eye" (see eye). Meaning of "implant germs of a disease to produce immunity" first recorded (in inoculation) 1714, originally in referemce to smallpox. After 1799, often used in sense of "to vaccine inoculate."

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