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Word Example of - inopportune

    Example Sentences for inopportune

    It was by no means displeasing to him, for he was a man; yet, he felt it to be most inopportune.

    My fault is, unquestionably, a most inopportune delicacy of feeling.

    It was an inopportune time to receive bad news—almost on the instant of entering a race that meant so much to Randall.

    Well, after that, I found myself thinking of her at the most inopportune moments.

    If at this hour Flamel were to affect an inopportune reluctance—!

    Kirkwood's waiter put in an inopportune appearance with the bill.

    Still it seemed to me an inopportune hour for bringing up the subject.

    As it was he bit his lip in vexation at this most inopportune interruption.

    On reaching Beechcote she noticed a fly at the door, and paused a moment to consider whether her visit might not be inopportune.

    At this inopportune moment Mosby made a charge which broke our column.

Word Origin & History of - inopportune

    Word Origin & History

    inopportune 1533, from L.L. inopportunus "unfitting," from in- "not" + opportunus (see opportune). A rare word before 19c.