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Word Example of - inordinate

    Example Sentences for inordinate

    He aroused in Kedzie an inordinate appetite for pictures of herself.

    No sheep or heifers were killed, and no inordinate quantity of porter was drunk.

    Columbus sailed back over his course with an inordinate idea of the riches of the country which he was leaving.

    Their appetites were not yet sufficiently sharp, to have an inordinate craving for meat.

    He bore the governor a grudge, for Dudley had chafed him in his inordinate vanity and love of power.

    He seemed to have no inordinate desire for admiration or even for approbation.

    It was due, I think, chiefly to his inordinate desire to please.

    You have yet to learn that it has also an inordinate capacity for swallowing light.

    But presently they heard him curse, in inordinate and startled amazement, as he gazed at some imprint in the mud of the shore.

    Yet I should not have attributed to him inordinate unselfishness.

Word Origin & History of - inordinate

    Word Origin & History

    inordinate late 14c., from L. inordinatus "unordered," from in- "not" + ordinatus, pp. of ordinare "to set in order" (see order). Sense of "immoderate, excessive" is from notion of "not kept within orderly limits."

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