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Word Example of - inquisition

    Example Sentences for inquisition

    Is it not Christian reputations that are smirched in that Inquisition?

    Cruelty and inhumanity in civil cases were as great as under the Inquisition.

    All the old abuses were revived, including the re-establishment of the Inquisition.

    The Inquisition in Venice took on a form which was to some extent peculiar.

    It is pretty evident that Corringius was not in the country of the Inquisition when he published his bold remarks.

    In 1592 be fell into the hands of the Inquisition at Venice.

    Yet the remotest of all—at least, as long as the Inquisition shall exist—is the danger of direct seduction by the priest.

    HIS face then had borne the brunt; hers had been turned away from inquisition.

    But, sir, is there not danger in thus assuming a holy character, if it were known—the Inquisition?

    And of those who get into the Inquisition not one in a hundred ever gets out again.

Word Origin & History of - inquisition

    Word Origin & History of inquisition

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