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The Synonym of - inserted (adjective)

Word Example of - inserted

    Example Sentences for inserted

    From the collar stricture arise three radial internal beams, horizontally diverging, and inserted at the inside of the thorax.

    I wish you would have it inserted in the Globe and Colonist.

    From the leaf, inserted half its length in the soil (or sometimes only the petiole inserted) a tuber arises.

    Page 145, a paragraph break was inserted at before the first line.

    Gavir hung back, but Sylvie inserted a tiny gold pitchfork into a small aperture in the glowing, rippling surface.

    I inserted the point of the bar into the crevice and lifted.

    Near the pointed end of the heart-shaped board is a hole, into which a pencil is inserted.

    And therefore I cannot approve of it that the matter be not inserted in the draft contract.

    The lifting of the keystone of the arch, when first inserted is a very interesting performance.

    General Brand: Why are the names of these cases not inserted in the peace proposal?

Word Origin & History of - inserted

    Word Origin & History

    insert 1529, from pp. of M.E. inseren, from L. inserere "to put in," from in- "in" + serere "join together" (see series). The noun meaning "something inserted" is from 1893.

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