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Word Example of - inside-out

    Example Sentences for inside-out

    Weren't they getting grown-up enough to drop this inside-out hypocrisy?

    What an inside-out tactical atomic bomb would look like, I could not imagine and did not particularly care to see.

    Mollie thinks it is an upside-down, inside-out sort of a creature anyway.

    I can make it answer both our purposes,' said he, with a nudge of the elbow, and an inside-out squint of his eyes.

    He knows it inside-out, as it were, within a few minutes of its acquisition.

Word Origin & History of - inside-out

    Word Origin & History

    inside 1392, ynneside "interior of the body," compound of inne (adv.) + side. The adj. is 1611, from the noun. Insider in the modern sense of "one in possession of special information by virtue of being within some organization" is first recorded 1848, originally in ref. to the stock markets. Inside job "robbery, espionage, etc., committed by or with the help of a resident or servant of a place" is attested from 1908. Inside track "advantage" is metaphoric because those lanes are shorter on a curved track. Inside-out is attested from c.1600; inside of, in ref. to time, is from 1839.

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