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Word Example of - insides

    Example Sentences for insides

    He was old, in poor condition, and his insides were swarming with vermin.

    She had no back, backbone, or insides, but only lungs and heart.

    If you would tell me the insides of just how you got it that order from Prosnauer.

    Never a doubt I doubt you've made messes of its insides, by the way.

    They extricated from amongst a large number of shot twenty barrels, the insides of which were lined with copper.

    The insides of the whale were all wet, and it was all pitchy dark in there.

    There haint no dependence on 'em at all, the insides of 'em are liable to break out at any time.

    The orbit-ship was empty, its insides gutted, its engines no longer operable.

    Ive had the dingus apart, and if anybody knows about its insides I do.

    Oh, the houses in New York, if you could but see the insides of them!

Word Origin & History of - insides

    Word Origin & History

    inside 1392, ynneside "interior of the body," compound of inne (adv.) + side. The adj. is 1611, from the noun. Insider in the modern sense of "one in possession of special information by virtue of being within some organization" is first recorded 1848, originally in ref. to the stock markets. Inside job "robbery, espionage, etc., committed by or with the help of a resident or servant of a place" is attested from 1908. Inside track "advantage" is metaphoric because those lanes are shorter on a curved track. Inside-out is attested from c.1600; inside of, in ref. to time, is from 1839.

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