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The Synonym of - insinuation (noun)

Word Example of - insinuation

    Example Sentences for insinuation

    The anecdote is more valuable; for it instances the ways and means of French insinuation.

    "Sylvia does not need your pity," cried Beecot, stung by the insinuation.

    I was so astounded at the plainness of her insinuation that I could not reply for some moments.

    "I scorn the insinuation, Mr. Checkynshaw," replied Fitz, indignantly.

    Most women under the circumstances would have fired up—repelled the insinuation angrily.

    The young face reddened at the insinuation that he might betray a secret.

    And with a little nod she ran off before her indignant cousin could frame a suitably crushing reply to her Parthian insinuation.

    Hubert would have scorned such an insinuation but a few days before.

    This useful art of insinuation consists merely of various little things.

    But the insinuation was lost on Mrs Rampy, who was naturally keen of scent.

Word Origin & History of - insinuation

    Word Origin & History of insinuation

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