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The Synonym of - insistence (noun)

Word Example of - insistence

    Example Sentences for insistence

    If the note itself is not new, there must at least be a newness of emphasis and insistence.

    The sun was hot and the droning of the bees drowsy in its insistence.

    You shall accept him, she repeated with the insistence of a monomaniac.

    The insistence of their hunger pierces through these to Him.

    He was conscious that he must decline now, and definitely, and the insistence of her request made the duty harder every second.

    With the insistence of youth she felt she never could have loved any other man.

    I do not think the less of you for your insistence upon their performance.

    They were in his stateroom, and this time the door was closed—at her insistence.

    His insistence on this accounted partly for the slight signs of impatience which the American showed.

    Life here hammers in the blood with something of the insistence of ragtime.

Word Origin & History of - insistence

    Word Origin & History of insistence

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