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Word Example of - install

    Example Sentences for install

    There's a fine vein of quartz to develop, expensive machinery to install.

    They wanted to install the tube, while the women were asleep.

    I managed to install down at the dock an apparatus known as the capillary electrometer.

    I shall have to be with them some days to initiate and install them.

    The Michigan Stamping Co. had to wait five months before it could secure and install its complete equipment of machinery.

    We will install it in the 'S Doradus' and the 'Cepheid' as a weapon.

    When such an agreement has been arrived at, it is the duty of the bishop to install the new superintendent in his office.

    Bob, here, is going to install it with the aid of some New York electricians.

    Such is the name of a few acres of wood, belonging to my mother-in-law, where I hope some day to install my household gods.

    I'll install a set of them in a car, and it will go like the wind.

Word Origin & History of - install

    Word Origin & History

    install 1548, "place in (ecclesiastical) office by seating in an official stall," from M.L. installare, from L. in- "in" + M.L. stallum "stall," from a Gmc. source (cf. O.H.G. stal "standing place;" see stall (1)). Installation "act of setting up" (machinery, etc.) is first recorded 1882.

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