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What is a better word for instance? What's another word for instance? What are 5 "instance synonyms"? How can I replace the word instance? What is the meaning of instance in English?

Word Example of - instance

    Example Sentences for instance

    But perhaps as a—well, as a father, for instance— That bright boy of theirs now.

    She made several attempts to see him; but in no instance did she succeed.

    It was not a large ball, by no means on the scale of Mr. Chamberlin's, for instance.

    The line of decency, for instance in dress, is always paradoxical.

    For instance, in the Christmas holidays I can have you to stay with me at Brighton.

    I will quote one instance, which proves this very conclusively.

    All our knowledge, for instance, relies upon our sonship; it starts with an act of faith.

    One instance of his conduct towards a British firm will be sufficient.

    This is the only instance in which we speak of a natural law in the quantitative sense.

    For instance, the peril from snags is not now what it once was.

Word Origin & History of - instance

    Word Origin & History

    instance mid-14c., "urgency," from O.Fr. instance "eagerness, anxiety, solicitation," from L. instantia "presence, earnestness, urgency," lit. "a standing near," from instans (see instant). In Scholastic logic, "a fact or example" (1580s), from M.L. instantia, used to translate Gk. enstasis. This led to use in phrase for instance "as an example" (1650s), and the noun phrase To give (someone) a for instance (1959, Amer.Eng.).