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Word Example of - instigation

    Example Sentences for instigation

    Foreigners especially were put to death, probably by Londoners themselves or by the rural insurgents at their instigation.

    She had written at the instigation of Samuel Brohl, who had not explained to her his motives.

    At Mammy Susan's instigation the twins were already installed in my room.

    She thus reproached him for a crime that he had committed at her instigation.

    One day, while in camp, at the instigation of an older man, I remarked that we were to have a change for supper.

    But had she not come there, at her brother's instigation, that he might tell her what she should do?

    When he had submitted, he also, on the instigation of the Brahmans, attempted to liberate himself by arms.

    Had not Mrs Fanshawe declared that she came at his instigation?

    He entered on this work at the instigation of Cardinal Farnese, as well as of Monsig.

    If so, why at the instigation of the Continent order 100,000 breechloaders?

Word Origin & History of - instigation

    Word Origin & History

    instigation early 15c., from L. instigationem (nom. instigatio), noun of action from instigare "urge on, incite," from in- "in" + *stigare, a root meaning "to prick," from PIE base *steig- "to prick, stick, pierce."

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