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Word Example of - institute

    Example Sentences for institute

    It must have been about this time that the Annual Meeting of the Institute took place.

    No, sir; no boy belonging to the Institute is allowed to eat cake on the premises.

    He was made a member of the Institute of France, and nominated a correspondent in the class of the fine arts, in the year 1810.

    They dared not return to the Institute, fearing that their plan might be discovered.

    Circulatory Changes likewise occur as the heart becomes affected, making it necessary to institute some dietary measures at once.

    He waited there some time, but as Bailey did not come, he returned to the parlor of the Institute.

    The institute had persistently done its work ever since its formation.

    The Institute was now in bad repair and too small for the place.

    After a few other observations, he proceeds to institute a comparison between this Plot and the famous Gunpowder Plot.

    He and the village have been at loggerheads about the Institute, I believe.

Word Origin & History of - institute

    Word Origin & History

    institute early 14c., "to establish in office, appoint," from L. institutus, pp. of instituere "to set up," from in- "in" + statuere "establish, to cause to stand" (see statute). General sense of "set up, found, introduce" first attested late 15c. The noun sense of "organization, society" is from 1828, borrowed from French Institut national des Sciences et des Arts, established 1795 to replace the royal academies.

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