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Word Example of - instruction

    Example Sentences for instruction

    Needless to say, this form of instruction is in no sense scientific.

    Have you had any instruction to run away with my steam-yacht?

    The instruction in this school appears to have been excellent.

    The Iliad and Odyssey became text-books for the instruction of Greek youth.

    You know, you agree to give me instruction in conversational French.

    All institutions for instruction were public, as were, also, the books and other accessories.

    It made the elaboration of a technique of instruction relatively easy.

    He was so familiar with his work, that he required scarcely any instruction.

    Paris offered the only field for instruction and Paris meant a very great deal of money.

    Since I have been in my father's care I have had no instruction whatever.

Word Origin & History of - instruction

    Word Origin & History

    instruction 1412, from O.Fr. instruction, from L. instructionem (nom. instructio) "building, arrangement, teaching," from instructus, pp. of instruere "arrange, inform, teach," from in- "on" + struere "to pile, build" (see structure).

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