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Word Example of - insufficient

    Example Sentences for insufficient

    Suppose the mental energy left in Europe after the war is insufficient for such a constructive feat as this.

    The action of the will is still causative, but it is insufficient.

    Sometimes a bulging membrane is discovered or the existing perforation is found to be insufficient for drainage.

    I am well aware that for some critics this disclaimer will be insufficient.

    McClellan replied that his forces were insufficient; that he was outnumbered by the enemy.

    All this is evident, and yet insufficient to account for our feelings.

    There is a region into whose precincts the dramatic quality penetrates only to play an insufficient part.

    The outward facts of nature are insufficient to satisfy the mind.

    Moreover, the controversy had become so heated that classic terms were insufficient for the conveyance of their insults.

    Realizing that our knowledge is insufficient, we turn to God's light and wisdom.

Word Origin & History of - insufficient

    Word Origin & History

    insufficient late 14c., from O.Fr. insufficient, from L. insufficientem (nom. insufficiens), from in- "not" + sufficientem (see sufficient). Originally of persons, "inadequate, unable;" of things, from 1494.

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