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What is a better word for intact? What's another word for intact? What are 5 "intact synonyms"? How can I replace the word intact? What is the meaning of intact in English?

Word Example of - intact

    Example Sentences for intact

    Investigation showed the hull to be intact but two of the hatches had been torn off their hinges and were nowhere in sight.

    Everything was intact, except the conservatory window and his daughter's shoulder.

    Adam looked carefully at the mongoose box as the African went by, and was glad to see that it was intact.

    Great care is to be observed in securing the "medicine" intact.

    The Adagio is intact, but there are only a few measures of the Minuet.

    But the great head and the vast spreading antlers were intact.

    And if Brangwen's heart had not been hard and intact with anger, like a precious stone, he would have agreed.

    The fastenings of the outside shutters and the high window were intact.

    The intact portions of the south and west walls revealed corners of bricks laid end to end so as to expose headers on both sides.

    Some injury there must be, but the main springs of life were intact.

Word Origin & History of - intact

    Word Origin & History

    intact mid-15c., from L. intactus "untouched, uninjured," from in- "not" + tactus, pp. of tangere "to touch" (see tangent).