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Word Example of - integer

    Example Sentences for integer

    A girl bound for college became immediately an integer with which a young man who had not yet mislaid his diploma could reckon.

    An integer is a complete or not touched whole; a whole number.

    Never, in all the thousands of years of shepherding, have they come to recognize man as an integer.

    An integer or two would be more useful to maintain the integrity of the House.

    We are to form ourselves on the model of the integer rather than the fraction of humanity.

    Korea might just as well be an integer of the Japanese Empire.

    He is an integer and never counts for less than one in any relation of life.

    Hence, it is of the utmost importance that China remain an integer.

    Is a woman a thinking unit at all, or a fraction always wanting its integer?

    In all her calculations for the future Mrs. Owen's fortune was an integer.

Word Origin & History of - integer

    Word Origin & History

    integer 1508, "whole, entire" (adj.), from L. integer "whole," lit. "intact, untouched," from in- "not" + root of tangere "to touch" (see tangent). Noun meaning "a whole number" (opposed to fraction) first recorded 1571.

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