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Word Example of - integral

    Example Sentences for integral

    We shall again meet with this consideration relatively to the integral calculus, where it acquires a preponderant importance.

    To some extent, literacy was an integral part of these accomplishments.

    Of this Confederation, Turkey would be an integral and essential part.

    Quickly they go, the whole is quick; for they are all parts of one integral action.

    There is now one universal code of laws for the nation, whole or integral.

    A series noted for their integral worth and typographical beauties.

    It is an integral part of Critical teaching, and carries Kants entire argument forward to its final conclusions.

    The State exists only as an integral portion of the United States.

    Religion, to Bolingbroke and his class, was simply an integral part of that marvellous fiction, the British Constitution.

    There, if always with his ship (but that was an integral part of him) he could always be as solitary as he chose.

Word Origin & History of - integral

    Word Origin & History

    integral 1471, "of or pertaining to a whole," from M.Fr. intégral (14c.), from M.L. integralis "forming a whole," from L. integer "whole" (see integer).

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