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Word Example of - integrate

    Example Sentences for integrate

    Nations, even those that acknowledge the need to integrate, try to secure functioning as autonomous entities.

    But they also integrate the experience of their self-constitution in language.

    Noble wanted to integrate black recruits as they arrived, absorbing them in the white training platoons then being processed.

    They require time to heal, time to learn, time to integrate themselves.

    There is a property in the horizon which no man has but he whose eye can integrate all the parts, that is, the poet.

    My concern is to integrate your work with our total social needs.

    Until she's been in the clan a while, these are not more than friends; it takes time really to integrate a person into a clan.

    In its integrate character therefore, it envisages the life of reason and realizes it as the art of life.

    An experiment involving the whole department might also divert the White House from trying to integrate the Army immediately.

    Prof. Geddes decides that the City may be taken "as the integrate of study."

Word Origin & History of - integrate

    Word Origin & History

    integrate 1630s, "to render (something) whole," from L. integratus, pp. of integrare "make whole," from integer "whole" (see integer). Meaning "to put together parts or elements and combine them into a whole" is from 1802. Integrate in the "racially desegregate" sense is a back formation from integration, dating to the 1948 to U.S. presidential contest.

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