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The Synonym of - integument (noun)

Word Example of - integument

    Example Sentences for integument

    Useful in eczema and diseases of the integument where cell destruction is a prominent factor.

    Their integument is hardened with plates or particles of carbonate of lime.

    This process continues till the whole dorsal surface is covered by the integument.

    Ex., the integument into which the valves of Chitones are inserted.

    As the green flames lifted I could see the oily gleam of his integument and the brightness of his eyes.

    The knee is free and not united to the side of the body by integument.

    When he rose to meet us his manners were as rough as his integument.

    The sense-organs of man are all found to be only so many modifications of the integument.

    Man alone, the last in the series, was created from the integument of a dog.

    Those of the surface or integument of the body, with its appendages.

Word Origin & History of - integument

    Word Origin & History

    integument 1611, from L. integumentem "a covering," from in- "in, upon" + tegere "to cover" (see stegosaurus).

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