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The Synonym of - intemperance (noun)

Word Example of - intemperance

    Example Sentences for intemperance

    Intemperance may be approached from the standpoint of disease or immorality.

    A teacher may also, at any time, be dismissed for intemperance or any immoral conduct.

    For he danced and revelled, and practised every kind of intemperance and debauchery.

    No laws of nature act with more uniformity than the laws of intemperance.

    The vice of intemperance, the mania for gambling, these are the vultures that are consuming the vitals of our people.

    It cannot be denied that our country is most horribly scourged by intemperance.

    He was, at the same time, a depraved wretch, and died of intemperance.

    The hundreds of thousands in the armies of intemperance cannot resist its march.

    Obviously of course total abstinence ought thus to be allowed a much wider application than to cases of "intemperance."

    I feel almost certain that I have given way to intemperance.

Word Origin & History of - intemperance

    Word Origin & History of - intemperance

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