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Word Example of - intended

    Example Sentences for intended

    Of course, we intended calling on you both before we left for the Orient.

    As he intended to profess the common law, he, took no degree.

    It was, however, somewhat uncertain what Gloucester intended to do.

    If the Spaniards were preparing a surprise for him, he intended finding it out.

    Did he say anything about what he intended to do with the pistol?

    The Spaniard would look in vain in that spot for his intended victim.

    At the first three shots I thought they intended to demolish the Republic.

    But how did you ever guess the purpose for which it was intended or the method of opening it?

    However, he intended the overture as a sort of peace-offering.

    He could not have thought we intended to go down the river and cross the bar in the night.

Word Origin & History of - intended

    Word Origin & History of intended

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