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What is a better word for interchange? What's another word for interchange? What are 5 "interchange synonyms"? How can I replace the word interchange? What is the meaning of interchange in English?

Word Example of - interchange

    Example Sentences for interchange

    He revels in an interchange of banter and repartee which makes her eyes sparkle and his pulses beat the faster.

    Except on market-days, there is scarcely any interchange of conversation.

    The interests of city merchants are no less common, but distances separating them make an interchange of views more difficult.

    You say that, with a view to an interchange of such commodities?

    A small Eastern city which I know very well indeed is a brisk point in interchange freight.

    "You see, by the interchange your positions were reversed," continued the lawyer.

    This is not an interchange of rapid places by means of tubs.

    Finally the interchange was ended, and Ran-los bowed himself out.

    I only know that it was an interchange of soul, and that usually he came away from it looking glad.

    This interchange of compliments was interrupted by the announcement of supper.

Word Origin & History of - interchange

    Word Origin & History

    interchange late 14c., from O.Fr. entrechangier, from entre- (from L. inter-) + changier "to change." The noun in ref. to a type of road junction is first recorded 1944.