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Word Example of - interchangeable

    Example Sentences for interchangeable

    But does not this interchangeable use of the words imply a close relation between the two orders of being?

    And the words home and wife were interchangeable and stood for the same thing.

    A plate adapter (extra) with focusing screen, interchangeable with the regular back, will permit the use of dry plates if desired.

    The careless often use these two words as though they were interchangeable.

    Why, thought he, should not the parts of a clock be made so they would be interchangeable?

    Cementing may be done by hand or by machine, and the workers are not interchangeable.

    The reamer is especially desirable for interchangeable work, when all holes must have a smooth finish and be of the same diameter.

    It is knowledge, and knowledge, like coin, is interchangeable.

    Mind and Matter are now so much mixed, that they may be interchangeable molecules; who knows?

    The officers were interchangeable with those of the guards and line.

Word Origin & History of - interchangeable

    Word Origin & History of interchangeable

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