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Word Example of - interior

    Example Sentences for interior

    He lifted the flap of his desk and kept it up with his head while he surveyed the interior.

    I'd like to be Secretary of the Interior for fifteen minutes.

    The "happy effect" described is in the interior of the porch.

    Jim had received no answer from the Secretary of the Interior to his last letter.

    There are no grounds therefore for supposing that the interior parts of China are deserts.

    In the interior of the huts were suspended hammocks made of cotton.

    But the climate of the surface of the earth is not dependent upon the heat of the interior.

    Ava, the capital, where the king lives, is situated in the interior.

    The interior of Trinity College corresponds with its external elegance.

    In winter the garden was as warm as the interior of the store.

Word Origin & History of - interior

    Word Origin & History

    interior 1490, from L. interior "inner," comparative adj. of inter "within" (superl. intimus). The noun meaning "part of a country distant from the coast" is from 1796; meaning "inside of a building or room" is from 1829. Interior decoration first attested 1807. Meaning "internal affairs of a country or state" (as in Department of the Interior) is from 1838.

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