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What is a better word for intermediary? What's another word for intermediary? What are 5 "intermediary synonyms"? How can I replace the word intermediary? What is the meaning of intermediary in English?

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    The conversion can be followed by the "iodine test" for intermediary dextrins and the "alcohol test" for dextrin.

    The former was a well-educated man, who may have acted as intermediary.

    This may be looked upon as a sort of intermediary step 226 between storing wheat in ones own granary and dealing in futures.

    Nevertheless, the General pursued the negotiations with Paterno as intermediary.

    To put it briefly, Holberg has been the intermediary between England and the North.

    From 1529 he suffered no intermediary to come between Parliament and himself.

    The intermediary masses occupy the whole of Cape Corso, and the east of the island.

    Is there any intermediary with whom one should get upon good terms?

    The color is intermediary, as both arterial and venous capillaries contribute to it.

    When we come to study Shr Kṛiṣhṇa we shall find that there is no intermediary.

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