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Word Example of - intermediate

    Example Sentences for intermediate

    The first cause is mentioned, and not the intermediate cause or causes.

    Now there is no intermediate between the terms of either of these two pairs.

    They form thus, in the centres of the population, a sort of intermediate caste between the Whites and the natives.

    But those contraries which have an intermediate are not subject to any such necessity.

    It is so arranged that the balls can be thrown any intermediate distance required up to 200 yards, and at any elevation.

    P, entrance for boys to the Primary and Intermediate Departments.

    There is scarcely an intermediate between the latter form of speech, and incorrect conversation among individuals.

    It distinguishes an intermediate grade from forest and prairie.

    The word itself does not mean to "harden," but to put into some intermediate state.

    This intermediate stretch of river is beautiful in its quietude.

Word Origin & History of - intermediate

    Word Origin & History

    intermediate 1623, from M.L. intermediatus "lying between," from L. intermedius "that which is between," from inter- "between" + medius "in the middle" (see medial). Intermediary (n.) "one who goes between others" is from 1791.

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