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Word Example of - interminable

    Example Sentences for interminable

    He is weary of the interminable procession of comfortless nights and days.

    There is a gulf between me and your house, an interminable gulf that cannot be crossed.

    She found that this defensive warfare partly distracted her from the witless, interminable bickering within.

    All the conditions of this interminable conflict are against them.

    He himself had had enough of it, this interminable display was quite exhausting him.

    After an interminable pause he reappeared still carrying the corpse.

    So, having been directed down an interminable corridor, I presented myself at Ward W.

    The distance to be traversed was not far, although it seemed to her impatience to be interminable.

    A dispatch from the frontier had announced his coming, but to the anxiety of Delgado delays seemed numberless and interminable.

    It seemed to her that Bob crawled and that the heavy sand was interminable.

Word Origin & History of - interminable

    Word Origin & History

    interminable late 14c., from L.L. interminabilis, from in- "not" + terminabilis (see terminal).

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