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Word Example of - interpretation

    Example Sentences for interpretation

    What interpretation could she place upon these frequent marks of interest?

    They accepted the facts and the interpretation which the mores put on them.

    But this is no objection to the truth of the interpretation of the Mosaic law here given.

    A Man, and God, and an Influence—is that the interpretation?

    She listened eagerly, but she attributed an interpretation which he had not intended to his perfectly simple suggestion.

    This doctrine is founded on an interpretation of Corinthians xv.

    This is substantially Lady Martin's interpretation of the scene, and that which she carried out in action on the stage.

    The process of interpretation is a most interesting one, when it is well done.

    A knowledge of the interpretation of racial symbolism is doubtless of value in the case of the individual.

    Obviously we have to deal with a question of interpretation.

Word Origin & History of - interpretation

    Word Origin & History

    interpretation late 14c. (late 13c. in Anglo-Fr.), from Fr. interprétation (12c.), from L. interpretationem, noun of action from interpretari (see interpret).

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