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What is a better word for interpreter? What's another word for interpreter? What are 5 "interpreter synonyms"? How can I replace the word interpreter? What is the meaning of interpreter in English?

Word Example of - interpreter

    Example Sentences for interpreter

    They cheered her, and the interpreter did not check them, but cheered too.

    The old man, who understood a little of the Illinois language, also went with them as an interpreter.

    Well, she was questioned through an interpreter, and an affidavit was gotten from her also.

    There is always some interpreter of one nation residing in another, when they are allies, and who acts as a kind of consul.

    He would have concluded not to answer at all; but when the interpreter insisted, he muttered a few words.

    She was Oglethorpe's interpreter in his first interview with Tomochichi.

    Here the interpreter becomes explicit: the he-goat is by name the Macedonian empire.

    Here we were met by some of the ministers and the interpreter.

    What my private sentiments are, you will find out without an interpreter.

    Morel (the captain), the interpreter and myself went on shore.

Word Origin & History of - interpreter

    Word Origin & History

    interpreter "one who translates spoken languages," late 14c., from interpret.