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Word Example of - intersection

    Example Sentences for intersection

    The Cross stands in the centre of the city, at the intersection of the four principal streets.

    This we follow still eastward to its intersection with Rue des Archives.

    One day they were travelling together, when they arrived at the intersection of the roads to Sienna, Arezzo, and Florence.

    He kitty-cornered the intersection and pulled up alongside her.

    The northwest corner of the building and the southeast corner of the intersection, is that right?

    One morning we came face to face at the intersection of two paths.

    This central tower rises from a square base at the intersection of the transepts with the nave.

    The pulpit marks the intersection of the sanctuary with the north transept.

    Their line of intersection is called the axis, and will be denoted by xy.

    It, too, sloped downward, more abruptly from the intersection.

Word Origin & History of - intersection

    Word Origin & History

    intersection 1550s, from L. intersectionem (nom. intersectio) "a cutting asunder, intersection," from intersectus, pp. of intersecare "intersect, cut asunder," from inter- "between" + secare "to cut" (see section). Originally a term in geometry, meaning "crossroads" is from 1864.

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