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The Synonym of - intervening (adjective)

Word Example of - intervening

    Example Sentences for intervening

    The intervening period was therefore occupied in carefully revising his literary productions.

    What took place in the baby's stomach in the intervening half hour?

    But the intervening period had been disturbed by feverish speculation and grave anxieties on all sides.

    This was Thursday, and the intervening days passed heavily along.

    The entrance to the cavern was as yet hidden by intervening trunks, but the light-coloured rock could be seen between the trees.

    All too quickly they crossed the intervening water; they were on the deckin the saloon.

    They fished for four days more with varying success, and with a Sunday intervening.

    In others, toes with an intervening web or membrane, as in seals and geese.

    With a sort of vacant despair they watched the flames which rose above the intervening trees, and showed the progress of ruin.

    It lies at some distance from the palace, concealed from it by intervening groves.

Word Origin & History of - intervening

    Word Origin & History

    intervene c.1600, from L. intervenire, from inter "between" + venire "to come" (see venue).

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