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The Synonym of - intestines (noun)

Word Example of - intestines

    Example Sentences for intestines

    Generally, on a principle of severe economy, they cook the intestines with the meat, not taking the trouble even to separate them.

    The depth of the parts, and tendency of the intestines to roll into the wound; 3.

    The bodies of the beings who do not eat are not constructed like yours, since they have no need of a stomach and intestines.

    The process of digestion, which commences in the stomach, is completed in the intestines.

    Their use is beneficial for diseases of the stomach and intestines, and externally, for diseases of the skin and rheumatism.

    Intestinal concretions (calculi or stones in the intestines).

    They drew him out of the trench; they removed his clothes and they saw a frightful wound, through which the intestines came out.

    Our noses, our stomachs, our intestines,—each boasts a similar population.

    A few small portions of coagulable lymph were also found loose amongst the intestines.

    And which was to work a marvellous effect on the intestines.

Word Origin & History of - intestines

    Word Origin & History

    intestines "bowels," 1597, from L. intestina, neut. pl. of intestinus (adj.) "internal, inward, intestine," from intus "within, on the inside." Cf. Skt. antastyam, Gk. entosthia "bowels." The O.E. word was hropp, lit. "rope."

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