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Word Example of - intrinsic

    Example Sentences for intrinsic

    There is intrinsic evidence that these letters were not written with a thought of possible publication.

    A gold chain is an article of permanent and intrinsic value.

    This may be proven by two sorts of argument; one as it were exterior, the other intrinsic to the subject.

    Of intrinsic value as a wife, I think she had none at all for me.

    It is the acting which gives even to the plays having no intrinsic relation to reality a frequent quality of naturalness.

    As in other minerals, value has both its intrinsic and extrinsic elements.

    It is unnecessary for us to discuss the intrinsic beauty of curves, or the mental satisfaction afforded by the golden section.

    Intrinsic value is the absolute power of anything to support life.

    Of course it may be said that the intrinsic worth of manure affects directly its market value.

    Has the Bible then for you no intrinsic evidence of its truth?

Word Origin & History of - intrinsic

    Word Origin & History

    intrinsic late 15c., "interior, inward, internal," from M.Fr. intrinsèque (13c.) "inner," from M.L. intrinsecus "interior, internal," from L. intrinsecus (adv.) "inwardly, on the inside," from intra "within" + secus "alongside," originally "following" (related to sequi "to follow"). Meaning "belonging to the nature of a thing" is from 1640s.

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