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Word Example of - introduce

    Example Sentences for introduce

    Then she added, "Introduce me to your young friend, my dear."

    They began so suddenly that there is almost no way to introduce them.

    Really, it is hard to imagine who could have had the audacity to introduce a creature like that into our circle.

    As for you, Tom, your lecture room's over there, and I'll get the foreman to introduce you.

    The Earl promised to introduce him to the great alchymist on their return to London, and the Pole was satisfied.

    No effort to introduce a fashion of "rational dress" for women has ever yet succeeded.

    Introduce no person until you are sure it is agreeable to both parties.

    When he tried to introduce ideas of his own, changing the mores, he failed.

    But his remarks in a much later letter to a friend on childish reading are so pertinent that I introduce them here.

    The midshipmen had entered into a compact to introduce each other to their partners.

Word Origin & History of - introduce

    Word Origin & History

    introduce late 15c., from L. introducere (see introduction).

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