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The Synonym of - introspective (adjective)

Word Example of - introspective

    Example Sentences for introspective

    The introspective life that Anita led was strongly expressed in her music.

    She listened with knitted brows and an introspective glance.

    The anger of a man like Purcell terrified her, lay like a nightmare on a sensitive and introspective nature.

    Mr. Openshaw had been too busy, all his life, to be introspective.

    Does "musical London" ever turn an introspective eye to watch the manufacture of musical opinion?

    There is no doubt that people who are not introspective lead the happiest lives.

    But if she were introspective and distraught, so were they: her silence was unnoticed.

    The law, by its ponderous and introspective nature, gives you time in which to die.

    The meditative and introspective gift was in him, not the product, but the mistress of circumstance.

    An introspective study, an allegory of the state of his own mind, is the most we can look for from him.

Word Origin & History of - introspective

    Word Origin & History

    introspective 1820, from L. introspect-, pp. stem of introspicere "to look into, look at," from intro- "inward" + specere "to look at" (see scope (1)) + -ive.

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