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What is a better word for intuitive? What's another word for intuitive? What are 5 "intuitive synonyms"? How can I replace the word intuitive? What is the meaning of intuitive in English?

Word Example of - intuitive

    Example Sentences for intuitive

    Hayden felt as if in some peculiar, intuitive sort of way, he had expected this from the first.

    He had that intuitive genius which is most rare among scientists.

    Is this primarily learned by experience; or is it an intuitive conviction, which conditions experience.

    It must then, argues Stewart, be either a 'prejudice' or an 'intuitive judgment.'

    He knew that they knew him more thoroughly than he did himself, and shrank from the intuitive vision of these small clairvoyants.

    The intuitive perception of genius is its most striking element.

    But his intuitive knowledge of men is apparent in almost all he wrote.

    She had an intuitive feeling that unless she moved he would not perceive her.

    Indeed, both as a collector and as an intuitive moralist, Aristotle must have found it rather difficult to condemn the book-thief.

    Instantly she bent far over toward him with intuitive scrutiny.

Word Origin & History of - intuitive

    Word Origin & History

    intuitive 1640s, from M.L. intuitivus, from intuitus, pp. of intueri "look at, consider," from in- "at, on" + tueri "to look at, watch over" (see tuition).