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What is a better word for invariable? What's another word for invariable? What are 5 "invariable synonyms"? How can I replace the word invariable? What is the meaning of invariable in English?

Word Example of - invariable

    Example Sentences for invariable

    The journey is also rendered disagreeable by the dust which is the invariable concomitant of Argentine railway travelling.

    They stood in awe of his spiritual power, and their good feelings were won by his invariable serenity and kindness.

    In trains of this description, the velocity ratio is invariable; which for the above-mentioned objects it should be.

    He took with him Father Membré, his invariable companion on such occasions.

    "Really, I've hardly had a chance to notice yet," was Frank's invariable answer.

    It is the invariable attendant of progress however beneficent.

    Attention has been called to hypertension as an early, and some think an invariable, sign of chronic nephritis.

    It is, in fact, the invariable result of exercise and education.

    I believe such a dearth of appellatives is the invariable rule in the fishing villages of the North Sea.

    The basis is indeed the invariable and unsatisfactory "triangle."

Word Origin & History of - invariable

    Word Origin & History

    invariable 1607, from in- "not" + variable.