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Word Example of - invasion

    Example Sentences for invasion

    When it was supposed that the French might attempt the invasion of this country, in 1798, preparations were made to meet them.

    One invasion had been accomplished, but now no other was possible.

    Under the force of invasion, departments have been occupied and the ruins in them have accumulated.

    At the end of the year 1493, it was known that the invasion was resolved upon.

    As an island we may be, or should be, free from serious danger of invasion.

    This was the closing scene of Napoleon's great drama of invasion.

    Marjorie obeyed the order, brightening visibly at Ronnys invasion.

    Conquests were pursued by the Frankish kings and their nobles, but the invasion stopped.

    This invasion, futile as all which attack the Russian Colossus must be, was very fatal to them.

    Holinshed's Chronicles tell of Cymbeline and the Roman invasion.

Word Origin & History of - invasion

    Word Origin & History

    invasion 1439, from M.Fr. invasion (12c.), from L.L. invasionem (nom. invasio) "an attack, invasion," from L. invasus, pp. of invadere "go into, fall upon, attack, invade," from in- "in" + vadere "go, walk" (see vamoose). Invade is 1491, from invadere.

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