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Word Example of - invent

    Example Sentences for invent

    I don't know as there's a thing we can have fun out of, but if there isn't, we'll invent something.

    It is too difficult to invent and create an institution, for a purpose, out of nothing.

    There are several of them who invent tunes already taking in the South of Scotland and elsewhere.

    You invent guns, which, when they are strong, lack lightness.

    The priests had neither the motive nor the ability to invent and teach such a system.

    You will invent some excuse—illness, or what you like—to keep them from penetrating here.

    O my Advanced-Liberal friend, this new second progress, of proceeding 'to invent God,' is a very strange one!

    Then she would have to invent some story to explain matters to Bovary.

    Once invent Printing, you metamorphosed all Universities, or superseded them!

    The leader must invent a story, and standing in the middle, must tell it to the company.

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    Word Origin & History of invent

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