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Word Example of - inventory

    Example Sentences for inventory

    In a moment he forgot the rebuke he had received, and laughingly went on with the inventory.

    "Twenty and one pair" was no unusual number to appear in an inventory.

    An inventory of the supplies showed that everything was accounted for.

    In 1689 the value of a "peler-beare" in an inventory was given at three shillings.

    We would on no account sit down with that rascally-looking fellow that is driving and taking an inventory of the Vicar's stock.

    The inventory is complete, he said, just as it was described to me by her ladyship.

    Under the head of work in process is included all partially completed orders in the plant at the time of inventory.

    For Swifts library we have an inventory made when Swift was about fifty.

    In the inventory of plate, etc., "belonging to the late priory at Ely," made 31 Hen.

    Assisted by Abe he started to make an inventory of the contents.

Word Origin & History of - inventory

    Word Origin & History

    inventory early 15c., from M.Fr. inventaire "detailed list of goods," from M.L. inventorium "list of what is found," from L. inventus, pp. of invenire "to find" (see invention). The verb is first recorded c.1600.

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