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Word Example of - inveterate

    Example Sentences for inveterate

    The stationmaster imparted the information to his wife; and that lady, an inveterate gossip, spread the news far and wide.

    She succeeded in what is called drawing out the inveterate solitary.

    An inveterate gambler, but a great sportsman, no one could have been more loyal to his Company than Jock.

    But this method has against it the most inveterate habits of the mind.

    Austria, on the other hand, had been an old and inveterate rival of France in the race for territorial extension.

    All the Prairie Indians I have met with are the most inveterate beggars.

    It is one of his most inveterate habits to tell you quietly what he does, or would do under the circumstances.

    No other disease has such a brutal and inveterate habit of killing the weaklings.

    Some of them were rather ashamed to acknowledge that their auxiliaries were inveterate cannibals.

    Yet his inveterate surliness the rascal could not wholly conquer.

Word Origin & History of - inveterate

    Word Origin & History

    inveterate 1528, from L. inveteratus "of long standing, chronic," pp. of inveterare "become old in," from in- "in, into" + veterare "to make old," from vetus (gen. veteris) "old" (see veteran).

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