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The Synonym of - invoice (verb)

Word Example of - invoice

    Example Sentences for invoice

    Sarah had gone down into the counting-house, and obtained the invoice which the senior clerk had torn up.

    While I was at work on the invoice book, I found what appeared to me to be an error.

    And moreover, where he knew the American importer, he advanced to the full amount of the invoice.

    To-morrow I will send the invoice of goods, which please to not give up.

    Take this invoice, and overlook the unpacking of those goods.'

    He had begun at the very bottom as an invoice clerk at a pound a week.

    By the time that the implement or machine has reached its destination, it frequently costs double the invoice price.

    And when I complained, all I got was an invoice of corn on the ear.

    Orr & Locket acknowledge the receipt of the order, enclose the invoice, and offer him 5% discount for payment within 30 days.

    I should like to have the invoice when the things are shipped.

Word Origin & History of - invoice

    Word Origin & History

    invoice 1560, from M.Fr. envois, pl. of envoi "dispatch (of goods)," lit. "a sending," from envoyer "to send" (see envoy).