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Word Example of - involuntary

    Example Sentences for involuntary

    There was an involuntary touch of sadness in the man's quiet speech.

    The British crew gave an involuntary cheer as they caught sight of them.

    All voluntary acts, we are told, depend on the memory of involuntary acts of the same sort previously performed.

    This tendency is beyond my control; it is involuntary, habitual, instinctive.

    The countess had not heard the enthusiastic encomium of Maurice, nor his last, involuntary remark.

    It was the first involuntary expression of her waking consciousness.

    Thus St. John is sometimes made the voluntary or involuntary originator of some portions of our creed.

    I've refused to let that involuntary lust for blood ruin me or cast me out.

    Not satisfied with saying that slavery should not exist, we find in the amendment the words "nor involuntary servitude."

    “Festival, I suppose you mean,” said I, with an involuntary shudder.

Word Origin & History of - involuntary

    Word Origin & History

    involuntary 1531, from L.L. involuntarius "involuntary," from in- "not" + L. voluntarius (see voluntary).

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