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Word Example of - irregular

    Example Sentences for irregular

    The lodges were arranged in two irregular circles, one within the other.

    They should break the slopes and be irregular in size, shape, and distribution.

    The streets of the town could not be more tortuous and irregular.

    Its contents are brief, but written in a fine, irregular hand.

    Wiegmann diversified as much as possible his mode of bringing about these irregular unions among plants.

    It was irregular at the edges, looking in fact like a spatter of silver.

    They had the sharpness to perceive it; and halting at several paces distance—formed a sort of irregular ring around me.

    No eccentric or irregular motions were suffered to take place.

    By this time the firing on our front had dwindled down to irregular skirmishing.

    If only the cavity of the thorax is hydropic, the pulse is not quick nor irregular.

Word Origin & History of - irregular

    Word Origin & History

    irregular late 14c., "not in conformity with Church rules," from O.Fr. irreguler (13c.), from M.L. irregularis, from in- "not" + L. regularis (see regular). General sense is from late 15c. Military sense of "a soldier not of the regular army" is from 1747.

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