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Word Example of - irresolute

    Example Sentences for irresolute

    Sheard thanked him for his information, stood a moment, irresolute; and turned back once more to the Gleaner office.

    She bowed her head to hide a smile, and appeared to be irresolute for a moment.

    A touch on the lawyer's wrinkled hand as he stands in the dark room, irresolute, makes him start and say, "What's that?"

    Amazed and bewildered, he stood for a moment, breathless and irresolute.

    The animal appeared to be fully aware of their intent; and seemed for a moment to be irresolute as to how it should act.

    There was nothing more to say--time pressed--yet I lingered dumb and irresolute.

    He sat down for a moment to rest, irresolute, and not quite knowing what to say next.

    "No," said the poor novice; but the denial came faint and irresolute from her lips.

    Once or twice she hauled her wind a little, and then again kept away from us, as if irresolute what to do.

    He was a peculiar man, to begin with—and an irresolute man, to end with.

Word Origin & History of - irresolute

    Word Origin & History of - irresolute

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