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Word Example of - irritation

    Example Sentences for irritation

    Fomentations are chiefly employed to allay pain or irritation, or to promote suppuration or the healthy action of the parts.

    That she regarded him with contempt and irritation was as well known.

    There was no irritation in it, rather there was satisfaction.

    "I hope not—only it is uncomfortable—and needless," he said, with some irritation.

    Foyle had not recovered from the irritation caused by his own mistake, otherwise he would not have spoken as he did.

    His face displayed his irritation at the other's method of presenting himself.

    To soothe the irritation, the stomach should be soaped in the same manner as recommended in Head, Soaping the (see also Lather).

    Mayer stirred uncomfortably, then flushed in irritation at the other's tone.

    The condition of the organism thus modified, which lasts as long as the irritation, is called by Semon the state of irritation.

    In his epistles he cannot conceal the irritation caused by his "chain."

Word Origin & History of - irritation

    Word Origin & History of irritation

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