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What is a better word for issue? What's another word for issue? What are 5 "issue synonyms"? How can I replace the word issue? What is the meaning of issue in English?

Word Example of - issue

    Example Sentences for issue

    Our readers should be well informed on both sides of every issue.

    Must the family of the Plyants be utterly extinct for want of issue male?

    Pio slipped into the shadow of one of the little houses whence he could issue in full view of the conclave.

    We must not too hastily conclude that this is to be the issue in our case.

    The issue of the battle of the Standard might have given rest to England if Stephen had understood the spirit of his age.

    But time is slowly shaping the issue that will move the last laggard.

    The issue of the search seems unsatisfactory, and one can only wish that it may be resumed.

    They give the means, the Bestower, and the issue of the purity of soul.

    No doubt he recognized that, if the admiral made a fool of himself, he would be afraid to issue warrants in soberness.

    In this, as in the earlier case, the issue was taken on the assumpsit.

Word Origin & History of - issue

    Word Origin & History

    issue c.1300, from O.Fr. issue "a way out, exit," from fem. pp. of issir "to go out," from L. exire, from ex- "out" + ire "to go," from PIE base *ei- "to go" (see ion). Meaning "discharge of blood or other fluid from the body" is from 1520s; sense of "offspring" is from late 14c. Meaning "outcome of an action" is attested from late 14c.; legal sense of "point in question at the conclusion of the presentation by both parties in a suit" (early 14c. in Anglo-Fr.) led to transf. sense of "a point to be decided" (1836). Meaning "action of sending into publication or circulation" is from 1833. The verb ...meaning "to flow out" (c.1300) is from O.Fr. issu, pp. of issir; sense of "to send out authoritatively" is from c.1600; that of "to supply (someone with something)" is from 1925.